About MarketMeSuite

MarketMeSuite, the leading social media management dashboard for small- and mid- sized businesses, is a web-based platform that allows businesses to manage & monitor their social media presence, find targeted leads & build engagement with new and existing customers. Try it Free!

Launched in 2009, MarketMeSuite™ (MarketMeSuite.com) is a unique end-to-end social media solution, providing a platform for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to engage, manage, curate and measure the ROI of their social marketing activity. The company’s proprietary, cloud-based software enables SMBs to harness the power of social media on a scale that rivals larger enterprises by turning Twitter feeds, Facebook and LinkedIn posts into qualified sales leads.

Today, over 30,000 businesses use MarketMeSuite’s unique Inbox for Social™, the user-friendly dashboard that enables users to manage their social media marketing campaigns quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. The software is affordable and scalable to the needs of each business and a fully-featured, free plan is available for trial and the casual user.